The Endless Feast

Connecting Us To The Food We Eat

Travel the continent, meet local farmers and food artisans, food lovers and star chefs, as we explore the connection between the earth and the food we eat, one incredible feast at a time.

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Ebeth Johnson is the owner of Conscious Cravers, a food education company that helps people connect eating well to living their best life. She conceived of Conscious Cravers because she wanted to change the way that food and wellness is taught to children, teens and adults. Instead of the usual scare tactics about harmful foods, her workshops focus on enjoying food, being healthy and having fun.

Ebeth believes that you can’t eat well unless you can cook good-for-you and delicious meals.

So she has designed workshops that teach basic, age-appropriate, culinary and knife skills and she creates recipes for class that incorporate fresh and local foods and that honor ancestral eating traditions.

Ebeth earned a BA from New York University in Food and Restaurant Management in conjunction with NYU’s innovative program in Food Studies and then studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts. She first developed workshops for teens working with eco-chef Bryant Terry and later for adult community leaders at Just Food. Ebeth teaches workshops regularly for New York Public Library, at various neighborhood community centers, and in NYC public schools.

As an imaginative cook herself, she contributed recipes to Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen, written by Anna Lappe and Bryant Terry. Ebeth lives in Harlem, New York.

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